Implant Solutions Eliminating Bone Grafting

Advances in implant treatments have resulted in simpler, less invasive, and efficient solutions for patients with significant bone loss. Traditional bone grafting procedures are much less commonly used because of these graftless solutions particularly when all of the teeth are missing in either the upper or lower jaw. These solutions include the technique of tilting implants to bypass the sinus (thus avoiding a sinus lift procedure) and the nerve foramen on the lower jaw, using short implants, and using zygoma implants. Zygoma implants anchor primarily into the cheek bone and into the upper jaw which eliminates the need for bone grafting in the upper jaw. Often these implants are immediately loaded: fixed teeth are screwed onto the implants immediately after the implants are placed. In the case of missing all of your upper or lower teeth, Dr. David can use your existing complete denture (if it is appropriate) and re-shape it to convert it into a fixed all acrylic bridge. This bridge is screwed into the implants immediately.This procedure is truly life altering as you walk into the office with a loose denture and leave with fixed teeth. Beware: although you feel like you now have your own teeth back, you must restrict yourself to a soft diet until instructed to do so by Dr. David.